Super Bowl - Where was everybody?


Jan 28, 2008
Just thought we should have post game consensus to make the "where to go" scramble a bit easier next year. I ended up at Claxxon, and was actually surprised to see such an enthusiastic turn out of locals. I guess i've been nieve in thinking soccer was the only sport they care about here. I didn't see anyone stand up and wave an "ex-pat" flag. Do you think t-shirts would be out of line. Kidding.
Anyway, not a bad deal altogether $40 for za, empanadas, y dos cervesas. However had to leave in second half to meet girlfriend at the Plaza. It was all good, I cought that sweet pass with forty seconds on the clock. NY rocks...
I went to Claxxon, got there about 7:30, told them I'd tried to reserve by email but got no response, so could I please watch the game without the reservation, happy to pay the 40. Waiter goes to the back, talks to the guy at the bar, then turns to me and says, "No." So I split to Bullers and watched there, since I like the India Pale Ale and they had a projection screen happening in the back.