Surge Protector help


Sep 7, 2009
I am looking for a surge protector. My apartment (in an old building) has plenty of power strips, but nothing with actual protection from power surges, and I love my computer. I want it to last a long time.

I went to a hardware store and spoke with someone, and according to him the only thing he sold with actual protection was this monster of a thing that was also a modem, and weighed at least 1.5 lb. He said there was nothing more simple that would provide surge protection. (Also a whopping 170 pesos.......)

Is this true? I just want a basic surge protector. What is the spanish phrase that I should look for on a box? Anyone know a specific store that will have these? I see power strips everywhere.

Help, pretty please!
The power supply here blew the battery pack of my Dell last week. A spike destroyed my HP 2 years ago.
I haven't learned as I still plug straight into the mains. :)
But I will buy a surge protector. The Dell technician that replaced the power pack told me I should buy something for 100 pesos. Anything over and above that is a waste of money. Anything less isn't good quality.
Try the stores on Florida in the Galería Jardín
say you need a 'protector de corriente' ...that should do it
Alamtec is your best bet, or any of the many other electronics stores on Parana.
Scelesta, the modem part is to also protect the internet line coming into your PC, since a strike of lightning can also come in thru there.

But if you only use WI-FI and have no other connection than your power supply you can buy one of these units without the added feature.

They are called: ESTABILIZADOR, or UPS. (The Universal Power Supply includes an internal battery prevent loss of data in a power outage, but notebooks don´t need this since they rely on their own internal battery.)

TRV and Atomlux are good local brands.
I found a link that shows you 2 models at around $120

At 120 pesos versus the cost of your notebook, and the aggravation of having to repair it, if it can be salvaged, you might as well not dwell over that amount.

And you can always re-sell it after you don´t need it anymore.

I´ll be glad to help you out with any other technical matters in BA.

Protección de tensión "microcontrolado" modelo VCF-301 Precio: $48,00 Industria Argentina
The sell them at most computer stores. Easy also carries them.
There are two devices being discussed here surge protectors and voltage regulators. What you need in Argentina is a voltage regulator. The reason that the voltage delivered over the electric grid can vary substantially and cause havoc with your computer. The regulators job is to provide a constant voltage. A surge protector is really for protection during things like electrical storms. You should be able to find them in many locations there. About 25 dollars should be the price. Hope this helps.
Lucas said:

This is only a protector for out-of-range-voltage from the mains. It is used mainly on refrigerators, air-conditioners, and other motorized units to protect them from not being able to start when the voltage is too low.

It can also protect electronics from over-voltage, but it does not stabilize the voltage. All it does is shut off the unit during out-of-range conditions, and it may not protect from lightning strikes though they should.

If you use them with a notebook you won´t suffer, but with a desktop, it will just shut down your PC without warning whenever it´s doing its job.

You can buy smaller, cheaper protectors, than "estabilizadores", but they likely will not do the things you need them to do for you.
I just bought a TRV in Compumundo for 144,5$. This one is specially made to use wit computers.

You have different types of protectors, depending on how much higher voltage they can take. In compumundo this TRV is the strongest.