Sushi Party


Jan 10, 2006
You are invited to our year-end party to celebrate another successful school year, and say “Thank you” for all support during 2006.
This year, we have a special treat in store for those of you who can make it to the party.
We are having a catered authentic sushi event!
You can enjoy both traditional and contemporary style sushi prepared by a professional sushi chef from Los Estados Unidos.
The party will be on December 18, starting at 9:00 PM; be sure to come early so that you will not miss out on the sushi spread.
To prepare enough sushi for everyone to enjoy, please RSVP no later than December 15.
This is an invitation only party.
There is no charge for you and your one guest. However, any additional guests will be charged $20 (pesos) each, if you wish to do so.
We suggest you respond to our RSVP as soon as you can since the space is limited. Weather permitting, we may even enjoy a mini milonga on the patio for those of you inclined to dance tango.
Of course, since we are a Spanish school for the foreign students, we encourage all the guests to converse in Spanish, but not required though.
If you wish to bring something to the party, we welcome vino blanco as sushi does not go well with vino tinto. However, it is not required. What is required is your happy smile and an appetite for sushi.
Looking forward to having a super fun party on December 18!!!

Nélida G. Vila
Buenos Aires Centre…..