Swiss looking for a job in Belgrano o Palermo en marketing, ventas, coaching or babysitting


Jan 25, 2019
Hi there

My name is Karin, I am Swiss, marketing specialist, process manager, ongoing lifecoach and 31 years old.

I speak German, Swissgerman, English, Spanish and French. I am a very well organised, relyable, outgoing, comunicative, positive minded teamplayer and solution seeker.

If anyone has a job to offer or a recomandation, I would be very greatful!

I was studying spanish and living a couple of months in BA. If anyone needs help in the city, just contact me, I would be happy to give a hand.

Have a great day!

Just curious, karen.

is it worth leaving a cosy life in the rich Switzerland and changing dirty nappy's of some stranger's kids ..only for living in BA?
Buen día Ceviche

Gracias para tu mensaje. Yes I wanted to leave cosy Switzerland to live in south america. Dirty nappies is not the prior thing I am looking for, but if start living here requires that work I am more than thankful to have the chance.
I am young and looking for growth, rich experiences, personal development and not for a constant confort zone.

I wish you a great day!