Taking a trip for a month in feb/mar, any suggestions?


Hi all,

I am taking a trip to Argentina this Feburary and March for a month. Any suggestions on what to do? I have my first 10 days set to be within Buenos Aires, but then after, I don't have anything set, trip or accomadations wise. Anyone want a travel partner, or can suggest good places for a late 20's guy with some Spanish speaking ability to go to? Like the coast, or Patagonia.



Hi, I just came back from the south, San Martin de los andes....I totally recomend that area....all the way up to Villa la angostura....do you like hiking?....backpackers?.....the area is full of them. There are lakes everywhere....undeveloped...beautiful...rivers....You also have a couple small towns that are nice to end the day....or use for your hotel...With the heat of February and March, that is the area I would go....and I would reduce the B.A. time to only a week....You could go to the beaches, but to me there isnt anything so exciting about them....(except for the argentine girls....but they're in the mountains too!) Any other questions let me know!