Taxes for foreigners


Hi guys. Not living in Argentina but considering.

Taxes seem complex, just wondering if people with experience here could elaborate.

Regarding tax residency, I know that Argentina taxes worldwide income for residents. However, I have heard there is a condition that a foreigner coming to Argentina to work <5 years is only liable to tax on their Argentine income, not worldwide income. ('Non-resident with permanent presence' I believe it's called). How is it defined though? Is it only for 'expats' seconded to an Argentine company on an assignment, or also regular people migrating to Argentina and working there locally? Anybody here that fits that status?

Separately, regarding people with online income, I saw posts which state that receiving payment in dollars needs to be "peso-fied" shortly after receiving USD. Does this only apply to companies or also regular "freelancers" even if they don't remit the money to Argentina from abroad?


if you are a freelancer all of your money is generated from within Argentina, regardless of if it's paid to a foreign bank account. Worldwide income refers to money generated outside of argentina, for example rent from a property you own in another country. If you earn the money from things you do while in Argentina, it is Argentine income.


US S-corp might make it viable if that is where you do business. Could at least control the amount of employment taxes paid into both systems. Pay a reasonable Argentine wage for whatever you do. Defer the entire wage portion into a solo 401k. Then nothing left in wage earnings to convert at the official rate. The 35% top rate on the pass through company profit wouldn't be bad at all if the difference between official and blue holds.