Taxi rip offs


If you have to hand over a 100 peso note, a good trick is to note the last three digits of the bill number. If you quote this to him as you hand it over, he'll be less likely to rip you off. At Ezeiza, there are half a dozen official taxi kiosks even before you leave arrivals, immediately after the last baggage check. Never go past here without arranging your cab.


That sux!!! Well, if you have the patience, the number 8 bus goes into town (takes about an hour and a half - walk past the taxi stand and make a left - the stop is in front of the other terminal) (it gets into the city by way of Rivadavia so you can hop on the A metro line if you want to speed things up) and it also leaves from Avenida de Mayo (close to Maipu) to the airport. My condolences for the loss...u got some good karma coming back your way! :)


The private bus alternative to taxis is Manuel Tienda Leon: 45 pesos from the airport to their Retiro terminal (about a 45 minute ride), and then another 5 pesos if you want to take a shuttle van and transfer to where you're staying (if it's in or near the center). The window is right at the exit when you're leaving customs. Just make sure you guard your bags with your life when you arrive at Retiro.


I met someone here who used to sign big banknotes before giving them over to taxi drivers. :)

I refuse to fund what I consider to be nothing less than a mafia on four wheels. In 15 months, I've caught a taxi once - and even then we went on a journey of 30 blocks to cover what we knew was a 15 block trip. They are scum.


Hey ElQueso, I'm a long timer expat here in Bs As, so I'm pretty ok with a lot of issues here - BUT - I just wanted to say - your replies are always so helpful, and well thought out for new comers. Rarely critical and full of good info. Thanks!!!!!


Hi guys, thanks for all of the advice regarding avoiding taxi scams. I am sure this is going to be a useful thread to others new to BA or argentina. We'll definitely now be sending a trusted cab for any more visitors rather than leaving it to chance. The problem as was pointed is that these mafia guys are bloody good at scamming people and it happens so quick that a newcomer has no idea. Yes, my BL should have know better - we know that. Yes, we should have organised a cab for him in retrospect but my original email is to warn new visitors to BA who may not have family or friends here so they know to watch out. Finally, if you do get "robbed" by these taxi mafia you can be absolutely sure the police will not assist you. If the police cannot even assist you when you get raped by a taxi driver why would they pay any notice to a few hundred pesos lost? :mad:


Ries said:
There is a kiosk right at the door, with clearly posted prices- how hard is it to just queue up and get a legitimate taxi?

Sorry, but this person acted a fool, and when you do that, you can be ripped off, be it in Sydney or London or NYC.

When I have friends coming, I send a remis for them. It costs about the same, actually my regular guy is CHEAPER than the standard airport to towntaxi fare, and he will hold a sign up with their name. Its so easy to do that, why would you leave your relative hanging like that?
Hey Ries -- I'm looking for a good remis company -- can you post / PM me your guy's info? cheers


syngirl said:
Hey Ries -- I'm looking for a good remis company -- can you post / PM me your guy's info? cheers
Can someone PM the remis contact details to me as well?