teaching english - how much $$$ an hour?


Apr 20, 2010
I´ve received an offer to teach conversational English in private classes. They offered 40-50 pesos an hour, but said I can make a counter offer. How much are the English teachers here making an hour? How much should I counter, if any? I was thinking $60....any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
to me run down and take it.. 50 pesos a hour is very good money here!!!!
40-50 pesos a hour sounds like a good deal to me..... there are people doing this work for 25 pesos an hour..just make sure you know the hours and what is being asked of you..
I had a friend who took a job here but later found out they wanted him to work at multiple locations and also split shifts like 2 hours in the morning 2 hours at lunch and 3 hours in the evening....
I "work" for a company and only get $27 to $30 an hour. $50 is good my friend. Make sure you are getting teacher feedback in order to make sure you continue to be worth that $50 an hour to them.

Also, watch out for those who want to take out taxes...... and how they do it. You do not want to be investigated for fraud.