REAL English Teaching Today in BA

Greetings All-

I saw that there was another post awhile back ago about teaching English in BA but this was the typical ‘mochilero profe’ scenario of more along the lines of a native English speaker who wanted to spend some time living in Argentina and thought they could pick up a few bucks teaching while at it...

My question is- For certified and experienced (having worked at universities, etc..), what’s the panorama like at the moment for teaching English and what would be the best method to obtain students who are willing to pay for a higher calibre of teacher?

In Europe, we have a site called LingoBongo which is used to find students and companies use to find teachers, and I’ve also used an app called Wyzant, which allows both the teacher and prospective student to filter and be very specific as to what they want and generally it attracts a higher profile of student willing to pay more and a higher profile of teacher as well.

Does this app work in Argentina and is it successful? I know that the Wall streets of the world are a dime a dozen and don’t mean to poopoo on them, but I would much rather work on a freelance basis and with own clients.

Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback?
There are some well established freelance teachers that have a follow on this Forum, they teach to Corporate students and also Chinese immigrants. As far as local students, they all know of a friend of a friend who did a Cambridge online English course. And Charges less...:rolleyes:. Some teachers advertise but word of mouth is by far the best.

During the summer months the chances to get private students is almost nihl ?

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Through the years, I have met many native born English teachers in BA. Now,I think that there are few if an still here.It would be virtually impossible to earn a living teaching English. Any foreigner,who gets paid in Pesos, won't be living very well..