Teaching English?


Jun 20, 2006
Hi -

I just arrived in B.A. and am seeking as much info on possible opportunities to teach english while I'm here. I've seen many courses listed, most of which are fairly expensive which help you to become "certified" and help find job placement. However, I think I'd like to steer clear of that avenue. If anyone has any info on how to go about finding an opportunity for a native english speaker, please let me know. You can email me at: [email protected].

Hi Everyone,
I would really like to know whether teaching English is the only means of making of living. My apartment costs 600 Us dollars and apparently you would make a maximum of that amount teaching English which is obviously not going to keep me alive here. I signed up for one of those TEFL courses and have to pay the balance by this Friday so would really like to have as many comments as possible so I can make up my mind. It costs 1000 euros and takes up the whole of November and a bit of December so I am wondering whether I might as well start applying for proper jobs and not bother with this course. Surely multinationals must want native English speakers? The funny thing is that when I google jobs in BA the only thing it comes up with is teaching English courses. How do people survive teaching on such a crap salary?