Telecommuting from U.S. - Laws and Regulations


Jan 13, 2008
I may have the opportunity to telecommute living in B.A. to my U.S. job. For those expats with the experience, what type of immigrations or regulatory channels or documentation have you had to go through?
Is it possible to telecommute on a tourist visa since it's a U.S. job?
Thanks for any insight.
Many people just file US taxes from Argentina so that Argentine address is shown on tax forms and claim foreign earned income exclusion based on physical presence test. If you are self employed you still have to pay US self employment taxes.
Thanks for your response Henry. Do you know if it's OK to carry on telecommuting with the tourist visa? My employer is concerned about the visa before giving me a green light.
A work visa is certainly necessary if you are working for and being paid by a company that is licensed in Argentina. Many foreign visitors in Argentina (with tourist visas) also bring their laptops and continue "working" to some degree via the internet while they are here.

I found the following at is not required for citizens of the United States on tourist and business stays for up to 90 days.I doubt you would qualify for the US foreign earned income exclusion if you are being paid in the US and have not established legal residency here.