telefonica strike


Apr 21, 2007
Hi Everyone,

I rented an apartment in BA and I have been trying to get a phone for 3 months now. Everytime we go or call they put us on hold, hang up or tell us the system is down. Now they have been on strike for over a week. I am now back in the US but I want to talk to my girlfriend via internet and I can't do that without a phone line. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do. We tried other internet services but speedy is the only one on our area.


if she has a laptop with wifi, go to a cafe most have wifi, and talk via skype.
Do you not have cable TV in the flat? If you do you should be able to get internet via the same service provider (cablevision etc). or follow danc's advice and find a wifi cafe.
She has a mac and so do I so we can easily talk via webcam, the problem is going to internet cafes. I want service at home. I bought her a mac laptop for this reason. We have cable, but when we called them they told us they do not provide internet service in our area. I know it sounds so stupid. I have cable they can't connect us to the internet? I am slowly getting used to the most idiotic answers and complete run arounds by the companies here.


I met this middle class guy who grew up in a town not far from the city, i guess hes in his 40s, so he grew up in the 60s, etc. he said when he was young no one he knew had a phone, not one person in his family. he said, just doctors, etc had phones (hes referring to outside the city).
My family in the USA had phones in the 20s.
So, imagine how different it was here only a few decades ago when the Ford Falcon was new back home, here the phone was a luxury.

Whatever you do please don't hire Speedy. They are Telefonica's Internet provider and therefore suck big… just like Telefonica. I hired them about two months ago after seeing one of their ads. They promised 6 months of bandwidth plus free unlimited local calls. They sent me their "kit autoinstalable". I installed everything. It didn't work. I call them and they say it would start working within the next 72hs. I wait... Nothing. I call again. They say within the next 72hs. Nothing. Then, I call again. This time they say within 15 days. Then… well you get my point… To make this story short, I had to return their precious "kit autoinstalable". But hey, I'm not finished yet. When I tell them I want to return their useless kit, after calling like 30 times only to hear ridiculous excuses or simply have them hang up on me, guess what… They wanted to charge me for their "service"!!!!!!!!! No kidding. Of course, I wasn't willing to pay for something that never worked. So I told them that if I got some receipt from them charging me, I would sue them. And only after that they decided to calm down… So my advice to all of you is STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!
Their promotions may sound fabulous, but don’t be fooled by that. It’s all lies. The truth is they can't even fulfil their prime goal, which is to provide an internet service.