Telmex Issues...anyone?


Feb 11, 2008
Hi! We just got our Telmex bill, which should have been very low as we use calling cards for all our long distance calls and it was 3 times higher than the previous month! Says we had 6 long distance calls, for over an hours time! Since they don't list the phone numbers we have no way of proving these aren't our calls. It is impossible to get through to them via the phone and website they don't respond to that either!

Does anyone know if they charge you for someone calling you from the states that uses a cell phone? All long distance calls we got the other person was also using calling cards or a cheap server.

Any suggestions or ideas on this would be appreciated!
We have a house in Mexico and have had numerous issues with Temex over the past 8 years, the problem is there, you have no choice, monopoly, I would cancel telmex and go with another carrier asap. They always charged us for things we never used or added charges and to dispute was a nightmare, Carlos Slim the owner has made his billions defrauding everyone. Thankfuly you have a choice in Argentina, change service asap. I promise Telmex is a no win proposition. Their customer service is also horrible. I say burned once there fault, second time is yours so just elminate the problem. I am passionate about this because of so many problems I have had.
you guys should look into skype it is a long distance or even local telephone via internet. we use it all over the world and have not had any problems... you pay using paypal . we keep 20 dollars and it last us a long time and you can moniter how much you are spending. to call the states from argentina it is 3 cents a min or something like that. we also used it in france and it worked great. I highly recommend it.
We use skpye as well for all of our long distance and also have a magicjack we take on trips and for 30 bucks a year allows unlimited calling to states free. The issue is local service, telmex is a provider of local and internet service, I would use someone else for the local connection if possible, get rid of telmex and then use voip for long distance. The issue with telmex is if you have them as provider, they just screw you period even if you use voip.
Avoid TelMex!

I got talked into switching to their LD service a few years ago, but never used it ( I may have made one or two short calls, but no more)
After a few months I got a bill for almost 200 pesos, addressed to a local car dealership (at my address), which I ignored. A while later they called me to tell me my service was about to be cut off because I hadn't paid the bill. I told them I hadn't gotten a bill, just one for someone else, at which point they told me that was my bill I should pay it anyway!
I told them I wasn't going to pay it because A) It wasn't mine, and B) It didn't have any sort of breakdown of charges to explain why I owed a couple of hundred pesos for a service that was supposed to 1 peso/min

They refused to send a detail or a bill in my name, and when the smoke cleared they had shut off ALL long distance service to that house and Telecom wouldn't provide service until I squared with TelMex!

Of course, between calling cards and VOIP, it was a minor inconvenience, but I would suggest you avoid TelMex!