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Apr 19, 2006
I just finished with a temporary rental that I got through ByT. I urge you to not use this company. Their prices are 30% higher for comparable apartments in the same barrio. I recently rented a different apartment in the same barrio, also a temporary, through a local real estate company -- the cost per month is $50us less per month and the apartment isd 3 times larger [my last place was 50 sq meters, my new place is 130 sq meters]. I was also defrauded out of much of my deposit by an unscrupulous owner who was assisted by the ByT agent. I am very dissatisfied with their service and don't want to see others taken by them. [It was through this site that I originally found ByT, which is why I am posting this here.]
Dear Paul,

What was the name of the local company that you used and how did you find them? Also how did you get around the situation with the "guarantia"? I think that we all know that companies like ByT and the others are rip off artists but for me ByT specifically seems to be the lesser of many evils. I am asking you because my lease is finishing in 2 weeks and I want to find a short term rental for a couple of weeks. It seems to me that ByT is my only option even though there quoted price of $250 a week is severely inflated. I realize that your message is motivated by frustration with the system here and the way that they conspire to take advantage of us (the expats) but your post here is not doing much to help the situation. Your message is "don't use ByT because I have figured out a way to find a better living situation", but then you are not sharing the information about how to go about doing that with any of the forum members here. So the question is "If we don't use those companies what are we supposed to do?" info....content..... please
Well I found ByT to be by far the worst of the choices, I only rented from them once and that was enough. The only apartment that I have ever had in BA that not only had roaches but was infested with them, they were everywhere including my bedroom. The apartment was furnished with Salvation Army furniture, not the very nicely furnished apartment that was pictured on their website. Thankfully I had only rented it for a week cause I left after two days. I have had very good luck with this agency, no they are not the cheapest but I have never had a problem with them and have sent lots of friends there as well.

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www.temporaryapartments.com.ar If you do not want to deal with an agent there are temporary rentals by owners advertised in the Buenos Aires Herald from time to time. Getting overcharged here sometimes because I am a NorteAmericano is going to happen. I do not feel it happens to me alot. And by the way rentals on temporary apartments have gone up a lot in just the past couple of months at several agencies. One friend from California was wanting to rent the same apartment he had last year and the same agency is now asking 30% more per month. I have heard the same from other people. Suerte SAM
i used my place rentals myplacerealestate.com the room and furnishing were as depicted and the realty company retained and returned my deposit in the same sealed envelope i gave them i gather some people store or take their things with them when they lease their apt everything with this organization was straight forward and up front nice people i will deal with them again on the basis of their professionalism and honesty