The big cliche, I'm new in town too


Jan 28, 2007
I got into town a few weeks ago and I don't really know to many people here. I'm originally from Los Angeles. I say a bunch of us should get together and have some drinks at local pub, like the Shamrock or something. For all the newcomers like myself and even the people that have been here a while, we'll make it a good time.

Hi Chris, welcome to the site!
I think it is a great idea about meeting in a pub. It has been a while since our last party. Is somebody else in? If a couple more people will respond to this, I will send an email to everybody.
I will be new in town as of next Monday. So if you set something up for next week count me in! Otherwise I will join next time.
Welcome to all of those who are new in town!!!
You might know that BAexpats organizes monthly parties, since most of us our away we have not organized one for January.
I am trying to organize an event around the fourteenth or the third week of February so keep tuned in.
Our last event was a success :we had over 70 guests from all over the globe!!!with great reviews and lot's of mingling.
Should you need anything please do not hestitate to send me a note or write your questions on the forum.
Warm wishes,
hello I am arriving on Feb.14, I have not been to BsAs for a year.
last year I went to one of your parties and had a good time.
I would like to come if you can put one together on that date or later?