The LGBTQ+ community says president has turned back the clock

I used to be homophobic, but then I saw a government billboard discouraging me of the idea
Indeed, there are lgbtq people all over the country, in general in the provinces they are not accepted, that does not mean they will get hurt. Also there are certain trades such as hair stylists and chefs where it is expected to count on a number or majority of lgbtq people. Touristic areas, such as some of the neighborhoods I mentioned are more tolerant / inclusive. Historically in some of the northern provinces they are discriminated and mugged / hurt when spotted.

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Para alguien de CABA: sos provinciano
Para alguien del interior: sos porteño femboy
Back to the original headline of "turning back the clock"... THIS is what a country turning back the clock looks like:

Perú... also considered by some to be the best place for expats in Latin America now that Argentina has gone to the dogs and is now full of intolerance.
And this decree came from a female president who reached office as part of the ultra-leftist workers party, "Perú Libre" (which won an election with an openly homophobic platform).