"The Most Beautiful Apartment in Buenos Aires" for sale...

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smirkypants said:
Asking price?

That would help. How can I know who to target if I don't know the price? I guess if anyone needs to ask they can't afford it! ;) :D
Also, can you tell me how many square meters it is? There is alot written on the site, but I just need to know the how big it is.
The apartment maybe nice but well thought artificial lighting does not seem to be their priority.:confused:
The price was posted in the Spanish text of there craigslist ad as $350,000, and by a rough guess from the layout on the website it looks to be around 70-80 meters covered, and maybe another 30 or so of terrazzo.
I just saw the same listing on Craigslist. It looks like the asking price is 350,000 dollars.
350,000 USD for a 80 sq. meter loft in Once or is it still Congreso? I think it is about twice the fair price, no?
It is beautiful. That is for sure. But I'm out. The price is out of the budget of the people that I know who are looking.
All the best!
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