This Is Argentina

at least in Argentina, I m right.

But in the world:

It didnt exist google, or twitter, or instagram, or facebook, or lots of other pages such as olx, mercado libre, some news pages, it didnt exist smart phones, and internet access wasnt *that* massive (computers per capita) so, yeah, im right. :)
Matias, what does this new name of yours mean (98000 and counting)? I'm supposing that it's the number of crazy theories and comments that you've come up with here on the forums, but in case I'm wrong, could you enlighten us? (Or is it the countdown for the reserve dollars in the BCRA that are actually owned by Argentina?)
This is pretty low and if I'm translating correctly, the Chaco piquetero Ermeneciano Sena is comparing Macri to Hitler and should be hunted down wherever he goes and he's certainly not going to bend over whilst Macri.......... etc etc.
Does Scioli not get it that this kind of negative and hatred filled campaigning is backfiring?
Could this be the last cadena nacional before the election?
Will Scioli reappear all smiley next to her majesty?
Will any of us watch this?