Thoughts About Cordoba


$130 per 250 grams (en grano and you can have them grind to your preference). We pay with Galicia Debit for 25% off (7am-11am everyday) up to $80 back per card on our account per month (We have two debit cards).

Last I checked...similar cost to Cafe Martinez, Bonafide, Coffee Store for en grano. We have no good alternatives here (perhaps, you do in BA). I like going to Martinez and some others, but black coffee is not palatable. Although I can get many pretty coffees, in proper cups...they simply don't taste good. Almost every store brand has sugar added. There are a couple without...also not drinkable.

WiFi is better in many other locations than Starbucks. Particularly, if you're a Fibertel get access to higher speed and don't get kicked off every 30 minutes. Starbucks uses Fibertel as well, but does not have the 6Mb option enabled like other cafes/restaurants(I believe it's still 6MB for premium connection and 3MB for standard). Starbucks my favorite coffee in the world? Not at all. I would go to any other private shop or other local chain over a Starbucks in the US. In Argentina. I have no problem going to Starbucks. (There are two in Córdoba btw). Woohoo. Big city.

Back to the topic. We've lived in Córdoba Capital for more than four years.
  • The weather is pleasant most of the year. Winters are dry with temps close to 0 C occasionally overnight, but warms to 18-30 C throughout the winter. Many veranitos.
  • It's 20-30 minutes to the Sierras. The province is large and diverse. We live in a walkable barrio with all the shops we need. We know virtually all the local merchants. It's like a small town in the city. We're also a 20-30 minutes car/bus ride to the city center. We're on four main bus lines. $7.30 for a trip each way.
  • The city has a youthful feel in the city center thanks for the many universities.
  • People are warm and welcoming. We joke that we moved the the "Midwest" of Argentina.
All-in-all, we enjoy it here. It's nice to visit BA, but Cordoba affords a more simple lifestyle with enough action. We've lived in Montevideo. Cold humid winters. people are nice, but not inviting, also a bit looks much better on paper than in reality in our experience (I still miss the ferias and the very golden eggs and tasty produce). We also spent 6 months in Bariloche. Beautiful, we lived near Llao Llao well outside the town center. It's tranquil, but a bit too tranquil if one likes city life. Very touristy of course.


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The lovely wife and myself have taken several great trips to Cordoba. The city is pleasant for a couple days , but the beauty is the surrounding areas. Fantastic drives. The sierras are great. We stayed in a nice private home in La Cumbre. Nice area , good restaurants. Sunset at the airport cafe was amazing. Some nice hiking. Several very good artist live in the area , including the museum of Miguel Ocampo. There is also a cool tractor museum nearby.


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I moved to Cordoba a few years ago and stayed a year, in nueva Cordoba.. was a refreshing change from BA, friendly people, amazing countryside/ hills to visit at weekend , good parties with lots of live music.. made some good friends whilst I was there. After a while though it got a bit repetitive being a smaller town. I still think the quality of life there can be much better there than BA if you have the right setup.. and is a lot cheaper also. Moved back to BA in the end, as started dating a girl here, but a little reluctantly! There's so much more to do in Cordoba if you like the outdoors life. It's not like BA being surrounded by 1000's of km of boring flat farming land.