Thoughts About Cordoba


I am not a snob- I hate starbucks because I grew up walking by the original, when there was one store, and saw it turned into the McDonalds of Coffee. And one of the reasons I bought an apartment in BA in 2007 was that there were no Starbucks- instead, there were locally owned, family coffee shops and cafes. I just dont like giant corporations.


I too hate Starbucks, especially it's founder, Schultz. It's stupid, I'm not a basketball fan but, being from Seattle, it hurt when he gave our team to Oklahoma. That said, it's really the only place I can get a dark roast expresso so I hold my nose and go in :=(



Just got back from the Sierras and a small "German" pueblo near a lake. The landscape is quite beautiful.


I have been living in LaFalda, in the sierras for 7 years now after 3 years in BA. coming from a small rural town in oregon, La Falda is more comfortable for me . I miss movie theatres, ethnic food choices, and other expats; but I have gained all the things mentioned in the first post of this thread (friendly locals, lower prices, tons more birds and trees, and i finally have a veg garden again) but i am in my 70's...I think single or young persons would be bored out of their minds...


The whole area is really nice. I lived in La Cumbre, just north of La Falda, for a few months. If you have something to keep you busy (so you don't get bored), it's a cool place to live. But it's not BA. There are no subtes, very few colectivos. To live there you'd want a car or motorcycle. For me Aeroclub La Cumbre was my hang out. They do paragliding, skydiving, flying small aircraft, gliders, etc.