Tonights Big Night Out - Sat 9th Sept!


Aug 29, 2006
Well, I can't believe our night out is finally here, it seems like ages ago when I posted it! I am soooooo excited to meet everyone.......if everyone turns up there will be over 40 people there....WOW!!

Anyway, final details for you all. Tonight Sat 9th Spet from 9pm, Deep Blue, Reconquista 920. Please bring friends with you as well as yourselves! And also please feel free to come and go as you please!

I will be at the bar with Chris, my boyf, I am about 5 feet 4 inches with my heels on, quite slim, with straightish hair to my shoulders, I have a fringe that is supposed to sweep to the side. Not sure what I'll be wearing, likely a pair of jeans, I will almost definitely be holding a glass of vodka and tonic with a slice of lime in it! Chris is only a couple of inches taller than me, poor sod! and he has blondish hair with some lighter bits in it.

I'll probably be looking at the door every time it opens wanting to know who has arrived next....if not I'll just come and introduce myself to you!

Would have loved everyone to wear a name tag but didn't want to scare you all off before we met.....hee hee. Chris is likely to forget your names almost immediately, please don't hold it against him!!

Anyway guys and gals, can't wait to meet you all............

Sounds like fun. My first night back in the big city and there's already an ex-pat event.
Will they have the Ohio St. vs texas game on? I'm an Oklahoma fan and will be listening to them play on the internet starting at 4:30pm. But the Ohio St./texas game is #1 vs #2 and I may listen to it also starting at 9pm. So I might be late if it's a good game.
No tv's showing the match I'm afraid! I'm sure we'll all bethere for a few hours or more maybe....depending on how we all get on!!
See you there hopefully and looking forward to meeting you Bill!!
Thanks for organizing the event Natasha. It was good to meet a lot of other people and speak in English for awhile!