Tourist Visa Renewal Help!

Hi, im writing to learn more about how it is to renewal the 90 days stay in Argentina for my boyfriend who is from US. I know a lot of people go to Uruguay back and forth but i have no idea how that works.
My hometown happens to be near the border of Uruguay and i was planning on taking a bus from there.
I would love if anyone could pitch in on their own experiences and tell me more how its done or what should we do.. Whats it like crossing over to Uruguay.. And if theres a certain amount of time that has to be spent outside Arg.

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time!!
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There are a lot of threads about it, just use the search tool.

You can learn a lot by reading older posts on the subject but the most important points to keep in mind today are:

The DNU 20/2107 will apply to your boyfriend. Though "blanket enforcement" is down, he could be detained and held for deportation if he overstays his 90 day visa.

So, he should not overstay his 90 day visa by even one day.

Your boyfriend can get one 90 day extension of the original tourist visa at migraciones, but if he leaves the country at any time during the extension and returns a week or two later you will not get a new 90 day visa. Border agents cannot override a prorroga.

He can still get a prorroga up to 30 days after the expiration of his tourist visa but migraciones will tack on an additional 50% of the (still?) $1500 peso fee.

If he gets a 90 extension (aka prorroga de permanencia) he should not go to Uruguay near the end of that 90 day period and return the same or the next day (at least not by boat as Dr. Rubilar advised in a related thread) to get a new visa.

Bottom line: multiple trips to Uruguay (aka "visa runs") are no longer a viable option to getting the residencia temporaria as opposed to trying to perpetuate the residencia transitoria.

You can find more info if you search using key words such as "overstaying" and "renewing" (in titles only).

PS: There are (basically) three ways for him to legally stay in Argentina for long periods of time: as a student, as a legally employed worker, or as your husband.
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Thanks Steve. Yes i am aware of older post but after so many comments it had generated a lot of confusion to be honest thats why i personally wanted to ask.

You have made it very clear.
Thanks for your time!
He can overstay and later apply for residency or citizenship. What he cannot do is to go to DNM.
The DNU 70/2017 was a big fail and its author was dismissed from Immigration even he was untouchable.
The person who replaced him is a more reasonable lawyer so, more or less, the status quo came back to before the DNU 70/2017.
In the last 2 months I was notified that I won several appeals where judges ignores the DNU or gives it the status of a simple decree that is under the law in the hierarchy of laws.
To do the visa run makes no sense, I explained how to come back legally but safer if you have to travel, not for the visa run.
As far as you know does this mean that they are enforcing the no more than 180 days in a year for tourists.

ie. can you be here for 90 days, leave for a week or 2, come back for 90 days, leave for a week or 2 and then can you come back for another 90 days.

I know there is a lot of old info on this forum but things seem to be changing rapidly under this administration.

The only rule is they are super powerful and you has less rights than a cow. So, they do whatever they want and they can jail you without a Court order. However, the leader of this hard faction was dismissed from immigration last week, even he was an untouchable. So, who knows. The new Director of deportation is a moderated person.

There are no rules, it is all discretionally.
He can overstay and later apply for residency or citizenship. What he cannot do is to go to DNM.
You've made that abundantly clear but I think that what those who have overstayed would really like to know is if migraciones is aggressively trying to locate them (aka hunting them down) at the address they provided when they entered Argentina?.
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Hi guys.

A general note on this as I recently renewed my tourist visa at Dirección Nacional De Migraciones and asked a bunch of questions while there.

Firstly, the lady there said that if you leave Argentina and come back during your first 3 months that that is fine (absolutely no problem) and you can stay a further 3 months. After these 6 months you have to do a visa extension which would allow you to stay for a further 3 months, giving you a maximum total of 9 months (the now costs 2500 pesos).

If you stay for 3 months and then renew your visa for a further 3 months that's your other option which would give you a maximum of 6 months. If you've already paid for your visa extension you cannot leave the country and come back to get a further 3 months.

So at this point in time your best bet is the former, rather than the latter.

Hope that helps others.