Tourist Visa Renewal Help!

A general note on this as I recently renewed my tourist visa at Dirección Nacional De Migraciones and asked a bunch of questions while there.

Firstly, the lady there said that if you leave Argentina and come back during your first 3 months that that is fine (absolutely no problem) and you can stay a further 3 months. After these 6 months you have to do a visa extension which would allow you to stay for a further 3 months, giving you a maximum total of 9 months (the now costs 2500 pesos).

If you stay for 3 months and then renew your visa for a further 3 months that's your other option which would give you a maximum of 6 months. If you've already paid for your visa extension you cannot leave the country and come back to get a further 3 months.

This is GREAT information!

If what you were told is TRUE (and will be consistently applied in the future) then it makes PERFECT SENSE (for those who wish to stay legally" for nine "consecutive months) to make the "visa run" to Uruguay just prior (ten days or less) to expiration of the 90 day "tourist visa" granted upon entry into the country and then get the prorroga de permanencia just prior (ten days or less) to the expiration of the second 90 day visa.

The one caveat I would add is that this may not apply to those who were required to obtain a tourist visa in their home countries prior to arriving in Argentina as they may not be able to get a new/second 90 day visa by going to Uruguay for a day. For the rest it is very good news. Of course there is always the "option" to overstay (even after nine months) as often suggested by BC2.

And the question remains: "What will happen if, after having made one visa run and then getting the prorroga, what will happen if I try to make another visa run prior to the expiration of the prorroga?

PS: It would also be extremely helpful if this can be confirmed by Dr. Rubilar, assuming he is in a position to know.
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