tourist visa renewal


Jan 26, 2006
I've overstayed my 90 tourist visa by 10 days and I believe I need to leave the country to get it renewed. I've heard that I will be fined when leaving. Does anyone know the rules; how much is the fine--is it per day or month? Can I just cross to Uruguay on the ferry and return the same day? Any information appreciated.
I one time paid around 60 peso for a month and needed to sign something. I have no idea of the rules.
Yes you can make a day trip to Colonia
If you overstayed your visa, the only thing u can do is to leave the country and come back. The fine is $50 pesos period, unless it's changed recently, and yes you can go to Uruguay and come back.
You've got several choices. Renew your visa at an immigration office and pay 100 pesos. Cross a border and then come back, paying a 50 peso fine on exit or.... do nothing. Just keep overstaying your visa.
My advice.... do nothing and let it ride unless you need a valid visa and don't renew until near that time. When you do want to renew, then make it part of a trip and cross at a border other than the Airport or Ferry (to Uruguay).
I went back and forth to renew my Visa and my opinion is that it's a waste of time and money unless you need to be legal. I'm speaking from personal experience here and not what I've heard etc... My last crossing was into Chile and I was overdue and didn't pay a fine or have a hassle.
I can explain my experiences in detail if you want but long story short is that Argentine immigration isn't that strict and they want you in the country. Crossing the most popular border spots will cost you and also draw attention.
Hey, Sorry for bumping an old thread but I was looking for some info about what Bill posted above about getting stamped at an immigration office, can anyone tell me where about I can do this? Which street etc...? I'm from the UK if that makes any difference. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
Kayfabe, Migraciones at Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 close to Retiro bus station. I believe they are open for visitors from 9 to 1pm. Ask for prorrogas de permanecencia.