Tourists: Who are the big spenders?


Feb 12, 2008
I thought this was an interesting statistic from an article about falling tourist arrivals at Ezeiza in one of yesterday's links:

The average tourist spent $76 a day in December. Brazilians and Chilean spent the most, $107 and $104, respectively, while Americans and Canadians spent around $98. Europeans spent about $91 a day.
Any theories, comments?
This, I assume, includes hotel?

For comparison purposes, are are a few selected "per diem" rates paid by the US govt. to employees traveling TDY (temporarily, meaning they have to stay in a hotel, eat all their meals out, take taxis, and have laundry done professionally); numbers are current for 09:

Buenos Aires: $299 (which includes 196 for lodging and 103 for meals and incidentals)

Brasilia: $271 (lodging and food -- all these numbers now are totals)
Rio: $348
Santiago: 269
London: 385
Berlin: 406
Paris: 454

This places relative value for travel expenses as determined by the State Dept for its employees when traveling.

So while the average American tourist is spending just less than $100 a day, the government and business travelers are allowed just under $300 a day. In Paris, you would need $454 a day to match what you are paying $300 a day for in Buenos Aires.

Unless you are staying in a Hilton or Sheraton and eating your meals in their restaurants, I can't figure out how you could spend this much money per day here. Anyway. The interesting comparison is among various cities, seeing that it is supposed to require $50 a day more to be in Rio than BA, but about $25 a day less to be in Brasilia.

For those of you who have decided that Europe is cheaper than Buenos Aires, you might note that there are not many cities in Europe that come anywhere close to having as low a per diem as Buenos Aires, and many are double the cost of Buenos Aires, at least as far as the State dept is concerned.

Awashima, Japan is $614 a day, just as a curiosity. Tokyo is about like Paris.

Another way to look at it, maybe this is why hotels court business travelers at the expense of tourists.
The Brits spend $20 a day an a good day.
We have just got used to living on nothing.:)