Trade Shows & Expos


Feb 16, 2008
Are there any expos or trade shows in the city (like computer, tech, consumer electronics expos, adult entertainment, etc... what? I'm just asking...), and if so, what are they and when? Also, if you attended any, what were your experiences?
Personally, I love attending trade shows because it is cheap entertainment. Sometimes I come across things that I would have seen if it wasn't for the trade show. My favorite expos of all time are the CES and the Adult Entertain Expo in Las Vegas. What a match made in heaven! Gadgets and pron conventions happening in the same city, at the same time. No geek can ask for more.
So is there anything like this in BA? Thanks.
Sure- there is almost always a show on at La Rural, right next to Plaza Italia on Santa Fe.
The Art Fair was just on, at the end of May, simultaneously with some sort of pharmaceutical fair.

but dont expect CES or the AEE- those two shows are unique in the world.

If you like tractors, or furniture, or wine, or forklifts, or the nationwide equivalent of a state fair, La Rural is the spot.
TangoCaz, The current expo at La Rural is the "expo muebles" (furniture exhibit). It runs through the 28th. Other exhibits I have attended there (arteba) open at 1 PM.
PS: Your posts on the topic "Avoid Becoming a Victim of Crime" were the best! Mahalo!
Thanks guys for the heads up and I will be sure to check out La Rural.
Also, when I get there, I'd like to start a small gathering of geeks, and wannabes, who are interested in sharing ideas about what I like to call 3-G technologies (gadgets, gear, and girls). Everyone will be invited of course to this little get together.
Steve, mahalo for the kind words. Take care and aloha.