Transferring money out of Argentina without a DNI


Jun 3, 2006
I am currently in the process of selling my house here in Argentina and moving back to the UK next year. I am now left with the problem of transferring my dollars back to the UK without a bank account as I want to buy a new property in the UK when I move back. Is there anyone here from the UK who needs dollars over here, that would like to buy the dollars from me and deposit the pounds sterling into my UK bank account, or alternatively if anyone knows of a way of me transferring the money back. Western Union and MoneyGram are out of the equation, their cost would be $400 almost to transfer 6,000 pounds sterling, which is a ridiculous amount. Someone has advised me from this site that he can help which is very kind of him, but I am worried that the costs would be too high. So maybe it would benefit someone who wants dollars over here, as there wouldn't be any costs involved. Look forward to hearing any responses that may assist.
I'm no expert and am in the middle of a similar issue. There are a few threads about sending money overseas. One way is to have the buyer wire the money to your overseas account at the closing.

A couple of the long time posters have mentioned two or three exchanges by name which will send USD overseas for a small fee.

I went to one of the recommended ones and they required you to open a bank account with them (which you could close immediately after) to send the money with a 3.5% fee. They required all sales documentation that the money came from a "clean" source.

Another one said they would send the money with a 3.5% fee and no paperwork.

I just send a bunch of money with the latter this afternoon at 2:30pm and it was in my bank in England by 8pm.