TransferWise comes to Argentina

Has anybody used transferwise to send a payment to an argentina account that is in USD? It does not seem to ask for the CBU. I have an email out to transferwise, but I figure I am not the only one with this question.
I think TransferWise would have no problem sending dollars anywhere.
The problem is Argentina will not let you have your dollars here.
Am I wrong?
I phoned TW again regarding depositing USD into my Argentine USD bank acct, they told me yes they can. No problem she said !!!
So I was wrong.

Another hard to believe …. that I can get my USD into Argentina without having to go to Uruguay.
To prove it to myself, .. I will make another transfer just to really see it with my own eyes !!!!!!!
Tomorrow I will go to my Arg bank to get the SWIFT Number and all other info of my Arg USD acct

Lesson learned …. never assume or reason any thing.
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But again what would be the advantage? …. . no one in Arg will ever match the rate of TW when converting USD to pesos here !!!
Seems I am better off having TW do both the transfer AND the conversion to pesos for me.
Or am I missing something ?

In any case, it is good to know that you can have your USD here (for whatever reason), if you want to.
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From my bank in the U.S., I can transfer directly to my Argie account. Can't you do that from most banks?

Yes, but the advantage of using Transferwise is doing so at a lower cost per transfer than most banks charge.
ransferwise page open

PS And it´s really easy to check the exchange rate instantaneously by keeping the transferwise page open and changing the amount of the transfer by a dollar at a time. That only takes two key strokes.
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I was away for a while.

One of the transfers I made was deposited into my Arg acct in 2 (yes TWO) hours. (5 click ... 2 hours later my funds in my acct … didn`t even finish my coffee)!!!!!!!!!
This is the 2nd time I receive my funds in HOURS !
5 key strokes and 4 hours later, my funds in my bank acct !
(no questions asked, … no documentation whatsoever .. and best exchange rate in town)
First time it took 2 hours !
PSA: This is probably mentioned in other parts of the forum, but I learned this while using Transfer Wise. When you received your CUIL/CUIT originally (before receiving DNI), it is a temporary number. Once you receive your DNI the CUIL changes to 20+DNI+8. I say this because I had saved my transfer details in transfer wise and made multiple transfers successfully. Once I received my DNI it got rejected because my CUIL/CUIT had changed from what I had originally saved. Fortunately I had recently gone into the bank to update my account with my DNI and when I asked about the transfer rejection it was with the same lady who figured out what the issue was.