TransferWise comes to Argentina


Am I correct in thinking that I can't use Transferwise to send pesos out of Argentina?

Could I use it if I transferred my pesos into USD (in the Argentinian bank) and then transfer those?

If not does anyone know anything about the fees associated with transferring money out of an Argentinian bank account (to an Australian one)? Supposedly it's possible but I haven't met anyone who has actually done it. (and I don't speak Spanish so I'm limited to asking people who speak English which is why I'm asking on the internet).
have you been able to make some progress on this?


It took 3 clicks to send money to myself.
They knew where is my paying bank account. Showed it to me to accept. Click! Done!

Logging into one of the banks, selecting an account, sending security code to one of my cellulars used to be the longest part of the process. No more.



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Just a note on Transferwise, making transfers from your external bank account. No day in Buenos Aires goes by without a glitch or three. i set up my account on Transferwise, an easy process except in that they required a passport copy, front pages. After providing a copy of same, it was rejected for not being in color, so out with the cell phone and sent a picture taken on the kitchen table. Accepted. On Friday, preparing the 1st transfer, drawing on my bank account. Transferwise registered me using the passport names - first, middle and last names. My bank account has my first and last names only. The transfer was declined because there wasn't an exact name match. You would think that it would be a simple change at Transferwise to remove the middle name as they said they would do, but the decline happened on Friday morning and it's now Sunday p.m., still waiting. Devil's in the details, as usual.


I never ever supplied any documentation whatsoever.

Since my day one test transfer, I kept my amount below $1000US.
Later I tried an amount above $1000US and immediately noticed that they started to ask for documentation, so I canceled.

Maybe this is the secret of simplicity! The TW "magia"!
3 clicks honest the God. Less than 15 seconds I was done!
My money arrives tomorrow.
And their train is never late.


It took 3 clicks yesterday to TransferWise money to my self. Less than 10 seconds I was done.
My money arrived this morning. AMAZING TW.

But by afternoon, Banco Nacion fuc*** up the whole thing and returned back the money.
3rd time repeat. So mad could scream. Pathetic.
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Hi guys bear in mind these few things about using TW to get them dollars flowing to Argentina:

- The banking system in Argentina is pretty old, so their default is to go with the traditional walk-in banking. Always bear that in mind
- The banking hours are from Monday thru Friday 10h to 15h only if there is no PARO BANCARIO, TRY NOT TO REQUEST transfers outside of this time window, it will just give you a headache!!!
- In my experience, I have had NO ISSUES using HSBC and Patagonia to receive pesos, but as soon as I tried some of the new online banks it all went havoc.

Hope you guys have a good rest of the week!!


Hey guys, did anyone of you get the TW debit card ??
I received mine about 2 months ago and so far I'm loving it, no foreign transaction fees, higher exchange rate than any of the other debit cards I've before and everything is paid in pesos!!