transit shipping to us


Jan 11, 2008
hi guys, i need some advice please. most of my stuff is still out in the desert and my papers are far from being processed so i was thinking to have my stuff shipped to the us and then bring it here. it's all used personal belongings. will i have to pay import tax in the us? could you give me a hint on where to find info on procedures etc please? google was not helpful at all. thanks a lot!
desertrose, we would like to help, of course but I am not sure where "the desert" is? and did you mean US (for the "us") and why ship it to anywhere but to Argentina directly, if that is where you are right now. I might have missed something.
Generally, anything that goes into the US gets taxed, used even , only exception to this is for non-profit org.
And please be advised about "used clothing" entering Argentina, there are restrictions to that.
Maybe if you gave us more info, we can be of more help. Good luck.
...desertrose....I suggest you Google 'freight forwarders'....or else contact an airline and see what they would charge to ship by 'air freight'. A lot depends on how much 'stuff' you want to ship, how quickly you want it moved and how much you are willing to spend. Freight forwarders will be familiar with customs regs. etc....they may even pack it for you :)