Translators, how much to charge?


Nov 22, 2007
Any translators out there who are familiar with the local market?I'm wondering about price ranges. Obviously it depends on the type of text, volume and deadline, but I just want to get an idea about what the average and top prices are. And do people here usually charge per character or word?I spoke to one local translator and she told me she charges 0.18 pesos per word. That's about the only reference I have right now.Any thoughts?
Thanks a lot,Lana
18 centavos per word is extremely expensive! some charge as little as 4 per word but in general for a normal text 7 or 8 centavos is a fair rate.
These guidelines are good to know -- thanks, DR and FF. I've a basic question: is per-word compensation based upon the original text (as I suppose), the resulting translation, or an average of the two (as I've heard)?
Hi everyone
Maybe I can tell you something based on my experience. (maybe it works for you or not. It's just my opinion)
First, everything depends on the type of translations you are looking for. I mean, in the market there are a lot op people who do really translate but are not professionals, so it's up to you the kind of risk you want to take.
As a sworn translator, I can talk about Sworn translations, but also about technical or not official ones, and what I can tell you is that there is no good translation if someone charges you less than AR$1.6 cents per word (into Spanish) and about AR$ 2.3 cents per word (Into English).
There are many good reasons for these rates. If I am of help to anybody, pls let me know, and I will go deeper on these subjects.
I translated a document for my main company I teach at and I contacted a few sources.
AR$22/100 words seemed to be the going rate.
Encouraging rate, Napoleon, for those of us who must work.
Was the charge of twenty-two centavos a word for translation from Spanish into English? If so (and I'm not sufficiently confident of my Spanish to try the reverse), might you know the rate for translation into Spanish?
I don't want to discourage you, but my "T.E.F.L." instructor told my class that you really should only translate things into your own language. The exceptions are those who have grown up with 2 or more languages and those who after becoming fluent spent extensive time in a country speaking the 2nd, 3rd... language.
My Spanish kind of blows, so I would never consider charging to translate something into Spanish. But if you feel like you are up to it, I'd still run it by a local after you've finished doing everything.
PS- Maybe my Spanish isn't so bad, that was the correct use of "suerte"...
Thanks, Napoleon. No, my question was one of curiosity: I'd not translate into Spanish save for my own diversion, I think. English is quite enough for me!