Transport Strike On Tuesday?


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Maybe you can try calling some remiseros tonight to get an idea of what their plan will be?

Are you taking a cab to the aiport or a ride from a friend? Ezeiza Taxi has a great online reservation form, type in your flight and time and they will email you back within 10-15 minutes with a confirmation. They're a pretty big company so I imagine they'll have some info on what will go down tomorrow, and they might be able to recommend how long you should allow for travel time...

I would imagine that the flights won't be canceled, but that there will be ways to get to the airport. I remember big strikes like this going and there was never an airport-wide cancellation of flights, as far as I know.

I checked the EZE site, if you can call it that:��they have all flights listed as "On Time," not that that really means very much.

I'd try the Ezeiza Taxi route--reserve a car for tomorrow and see what they say about it. Then cancel it. Make sure you cancel it though!


Well...I could use a bit of help here. I'm supposed to be taking the buquebus to Uruguay tomorrow at 12:30 pm. Should I even bother? From what I read in the beginning of this post I may not be able to get there by cab? If i do manage to get there will i be able to get a cab back to palermo in the evening? Any answers help. This is my 1st Argentina strike experience and I'm not sure what exactly to expect.

Crema Americana

Definitely check with the airline first. :) And if you decide to take side streets... realize that they will be jammed. Traffic, lights, potholes make traveling through inner streets slow and tedious.

As for the strike... making me sit in traffic for hours is no way to gain my support. :p We all have grievances, but when a select few decide to bring the city to a standstill for their own benefit, I find it hard to be sympathetic... especially when those who organize have much higher salaries than the average worker who might just lose a day's work over this. I don't expect any change, either.
And then I see something like this
and my annoyance at the strike is replaced by indignation and a desire to throw an egg at the Rose House.

We're planning on staying in. Filled up the cars and bought the essentials for the day.

Rich One

CFK said..." Union Leaders Never lose their Jobs,,, Workers do....!! :angry:

No Domestic flights at All!!


If you're flying with LAN or Aerolineas Argentinas you can change your flight free of charge.


"Both LAN and Aerolíneas Argentinas anticipate interruptions to tomorrow’s flights. Although the union action may interrupt flights to or from any Argentine city, flights to and from Tucumán will be especially affected, according to CGT, a leader union among those taking action tomorrow.

Both airlines advise passengers planning to travel tomorrow to check their flight statuses via official company portals. They also noted that schedule changes can be arranged without charge. Aerolíneas Argentinas’ passengers can do so by calling 0810-222-86527, visiting Aerolíneas Argentinas’ offices, or by contacting the travel agency at which the itinerary was purchased.

Aeronautic technicians from the Association of Aeronautic Technician Personal of the Republic of Argentina (APTA) and LAN cabin crew belonging to the Association of Passengers’ Cabin Crew of Aero-commercial Companies (ATCPEA) and the Airline Pilots Association (APLA) plan to continue the union action for 24 hours."


I fully support people's right to protest. It's a fundamental element of a free and democratic society. As a military veteran I even support people's right to protest and to burn the flag (though I personally find it highly offensive). The reality is that unless the protests inconvenient many people most won't pay attention. If today's protests were people standing on the side of the roads waving signs they wouldn't have gotten nearly as much attention. It is also a way to put pressure on the politicians. Ordinary citizens that are inconvenienced put a call into City Hall and say, "Fix this!"

I was a youngster, but I still remember the Civil Rights movements in the south and my town in Alabama. Nobody got much attention until people started civil disobedience acts. You should have heard the conversations around the dinner table when black protesters sat-in at the white-only diner! The older people were incensed but some of the younger people, and certain religious segments, started thinking that maybe they had a point. Mrs. Winston, who was a Quaker widower, caused quit an uproar when she visited the local Baptist Churches to speak against bigotry. That was only after the sit-ins.


1) You can't compare the civil rights movement to this.
2) Inconveniencing people is NOT a way to gain support. All it does is alienate the very people you are trying to reach.
3) There is NO correlation between blockading a highway and wanting higher wages. If you are angry at company, gov't, whatever - go and protest outside of that institution.
4) The key is media coverage. Which again, has nothing to do with piqueteros.
5) NO Argentine is calling their politician and saying "fix this" because the streets are blocked.

Again, I fully support people's right to protest. But their rights DON'T supercede everyone else's rights. There are plenty of places and ways to protest.

You are talking about black people eating in whites-only diners during the civil rights movemnt. Segregation being a key thing the movement was attempting to end. So targeting a place that practices segregation made sense no? Didn't inconvenience anyone.

Please - educate me what blocking off a highway and burning tires is supposed to achieve? What does it have to do with the reasons behind the protest? What is the correlation?