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Hi - Can anyone recommend a good travel agent in Buenos Aires for booking a trip to Ushuaia/Calafate and/or Bariloche? I keep getting quotes that vary so widely I have no idea what prices to expect anymore...


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Hello Syngirl, i am Emilio i live in Bs As but born in Patagonia and i am organizing some trips to the Lakes (Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes, Bolson etc) and maybe to Ushuaia also. I am a biginner in the matter but i have contacted some interesting opcions for housing and the good thing is that i am having a comission from them, so not charging you anything. Let me know what are you interested in and use my time and knowdlage... CYA
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I just sent you a note directly but not sure it worked. I have a good friend who is a travel agent and speaks English pretty well. She's also very efficient. She works in Travel Pecom on Corrientes 880, piso10. Feel free to use my name as reference.
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