Travel Buddies to Bariloche


Jun 18, 2009
Hey all, I'm looking for travel buddies to Bariloche for about 4-5 days, before the schools let out July 8. I would like to hit the trails and possibly rent a car to cross over into Chile....Anyone interested?
Look us up if your coming this way and feel free to PM for questions.
I could be interested when are you thinking of going?
I posted a new thread a few days ago as I was thinking of going to Bariloche for a month before the middle of the ski season. But for some reason it didn't make it onto the site.

I would be up for a trip south to do some trails and maybe a few peaks?

Actually after seeing Soulskiers post of the sunrise over the lake...I want to go there an climb the mountian on the left!

When are peole thinking of going?

i am free to go at any time, and 4-5 days sounds perfect. all what would deter me from going would be if the cost was too high.
If you have a DNI, roundtrip BA-Bari is about US$160 at the moment.
Looks like I missed this one but please let me know about future trips. Hope to hear from you soon.
We were thinking of going to Bariloche for a while, too. I'm going to ask around to see how feasible it is to rent a car to drive down. Would anyone be interested in driving down together and splitting the costs? We were thinking of going in August to catch some snowboarding in the Alps ; )
Consider taking a bus as well, it's really not THAT bad! :) (And probably about costs 1/2 as much...) Check for pricing if you're interested.

I'd like to visit Bariloche too, but probably not until spring. I'll be checking back for advice/reviews when the time comes, so please do keep us updated! :)