Travel from Argentina with animals


Mar 22, 2019
Hello All, I am writing in the hope of finding an airline whom can take 4 cats in the cabin/with passenger. I recently married my Argentine fiancé who has 4 cats and is not wanting them put in the cargo section, she would like them to travel with her so she can keep a check to there condition throughout the travel process.
Also, we are aware that travel from Argentina into mainland England is something problematic alas we have been advised that she and her 4 cats are best to arrive into the European continent (France,Germany etc) and then to travel into England this way.
Does anyone have any information to help us with this as we would very much appreciate some help with this..
ps; we married in Febuary this year and are just trying to be together along with her 4 pet cats.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated,thanks
I've flown Copa multiple times and seen cats and dogs in cabin to/from Argentina.
I can't imagine that there is any airline that will allow one person to travel with four animals, especially in the passenger cabin. You will need to call the airlines to find out for sure because they all have different policies about pet travel.
definitely need to call. i would suspect at a minimum you'd need to buy a ticket per extra cat above the number of travelers, because i think they need to travel under the seat in front in the cabin
Three years ago some airlines were charging 200 US per animal and they had to go in the seat in front of you. With four animals you would need to buy three extra seats and they still might not let you take four. There is a limit on how many animals total can go on each flight.
You definitely won’t be able to travel with four cats unless there are four people traveling. I also don’t think they would all be able to be on the same flight. They are pretty strict.