Traveler Redress Inquiry Program Usa


Jul 10, 2007
all. this is an attempt to contribute to this forum. I discovered a program that helps in solving the second screening by immigration while entering the usa. to note, my girlfriend is Colombian. she has had a us tourist visa for the last seven years. she never stays more than 180 days in a given year. in 2014, because of a scheduling problem, was in country for 182 days on 3 different visits. in September of last year, immigration detained her for 4 hours claiming she overstayed her tourist visa and was going to be sent back to Colombia. when she explained she was here to visit her boyfriend they said you need to marry him. she explained that would only complicate her life further as she has family responsibilities in Colombia and needs to spend more time in Colombia than the us. if she became married and received a green card, she would be required to spent more time in the us than Colombia. she missed her connecting flight but was let through. when she entered 3 days ago the same thing happened. after contacting an immigration attorney I learned 2 things.

the law says your tourist visa can be revoked if you stay more than 180 continuous days not collective days.

you can apply to the Traveler Redress Inquiry Program with US Department of Homeland Security. they will review the case, give you a number and place a note in your file to stop the immigration officers from detaining you for a perceived problem. hope this helps.