travellers behaving badly


Nov 15, 2009
Hi everyone! Hope you're having a terrific 2010.

I'm doing a bit of research to find some stories of travellers misbehaving - stories of silly antics, or just plain bad behaviour. I'm sure everyone on this forum has witnessed something noteworthy.

No names required, and of course PMs are more than welcome if you prefer not to share openly.

Thanks a million in advance for any traveling tales!

and p.s. I noticed there is a dedicated 'travellers stories' section but I figure there's a bit more traffic here so I'm posting to 'expat life' and the other section also. Thanks!
LOL, looking forward to hearing some stories, I have about a million.

Lighthearted antics - when I was traveling in Aus, I was hanging out with a lot of English travelers who were all pretty naughty but there was this one guy in particular who would just do spectacularly silly things, like for e.g. he stepped off a roof forgetting where he was to get a cigarette lighter, broke his leg and then when in hospital saved up his pain medication to party with them once he got out. I also saw the same guy fall off a roof ON A BIKE - he and a couple of his friends were trying to jump an upward sloping roof to a downward sloping roof, but just after sunrise so it wasn't too bright out. Poor guy

Also do you remember those guys that got arrested for dressing up as nuns + lingerie and got arrested in Greece? seems like a hell of a lot of effort

otherwise, I'm finding the more and more I travel, i meet more people just sort of spoiling for a fight - with the locals, other travelers, tourism operators, anyone really.

best of luck with the research - sounds like fun :)