Trump cuts aid to three Mexican countries

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Rich One

Aguacate Alert... fearing the closing of the Border. Distributors are stocking on avocados. Prices jumped 34% fearing short supply..:rolleyes:


Sorry you missed the Point ....You Politically Incorrect? :rolleyes:
Hmm, perhaps you missed my point. Note "to Argetinos" in my original post.

In answer to your question, am I politically incorrect...God, I hope so! To clarify, I think political correctness has gone waaay overboard (often to absurd conclusions), but I don't support the maltreatment of anyone based on skin color, ethnicity, their choice of god, or whatever else you can come up with. I think everyone should have an equal chance to fail or succeed on their own merit, or lack thereof.

Maradona has demonstrated time and again the quality of his character.


I was tempted to write the same thing myself a couple of days back. The gringo attitude is that everyone south of the Rio Grande is a greaser. Argentinians might like to think they are displaced Europeans but that won't cut any ice with the US gringos.
Very true. Few Amerikuns distinguish between Latin American countries. They see it all as a big drug cartel. In a review of a book by Barbara Bush (her autobiography? Not sure) the story of the visit of former President Menem to the White House is mentioned. The chef had prepared a cake on which he inserted little statues of men in sombreros sitting under a tree. Mrs Bush saw the cake before it went out and had enough sense to have the sombrero men removed.


@Robert reich
How bad Trump is, is a loser´s strategy and a sure guarantee for failure again. Mark my words!
A winning strategy has to have a plan for universal health care, college tuition, living wages, stop robbing from the poverty class of the bottom 60% to bail out the 1%, .. a Roosevelt "deal"!
Obama lied so much, but once in office did nothing for 8 years. Actually, he did much worse than republicans.
Hilary wanted to give us a 3rd term of Obama. What a f.. joke.
They are all the same. No difference from any republican.
Even if they win, once in office they will turn their back on people to serve the 1%. Works every time.
No guts. No balls. Sadly all liers. They can all go ......... (fill in whatever you fancy)
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