thanks for info. hope to resovle my problem with an old slingbox. when connected, lets me watch whats on my tv in ba. moved and got a new cable box not supported by slingox. has to do with the remote function. i will try watchustvnow in the future or just pay fibertil for upgraded service. still hope there is a way around old slingbox. saludos
Last year we managed to get British TV on the internet, now, unfortunately this has been closed down. I am left with nothing but the radio. I am willing to pay but the only things I am offered are VPN I know for a fact that the BBC blocks VPN. So, in short, I too am looking for any help.
This is a link to a blog post, updated only a few days ago. It might help you get hold of BBC TV. I only use the iPlayer to listen to the radio so I've no personal experience of getting BBC TV to pass on. Sorry.
Thank you all for your info. We hooked up for a free package with watchustv which seems to work okay for 6 mainline stations, although the video gets scrambled on occasion, so with that and the SAP button on our TV, we will have to be satisfied. For radio, we use which gives us a good variety of stations. The freeinternettv looks interesting but it has a bit too much content (control?) from a certain country for my liking.
I have unlimited 5mps wifi at my house and an MXQPro 4K connected to my not smart TV.

I watch YouTube videos (including live streaming of a couple US programs) as well as movies, many in high definition

There is also a huge selection of news channels, movies, programs, and TV shows on

Mobdro is infinitely better than it was a year ago and best of all, it's free.
I download more than enough UK TV to watch for a couple of hours every night....been doing so for several years. I tend to watch popular series like Endeavour which are always available shortly after they've been broadcast in the UK. There is always the chance the site will be shut down but it's free anyway.