Two factor SMS Codes


Bank of America can do email verification. I just wish they’d offer callback on international as opposed to the collect calling feature.... How is it possible to actually call collect these days when there are no pay phones?


I should also mention that with my Pixel 3A/Google Fi I get a US phone number which will be useful for many non banking websites like airlines. And now when I in que for a customer service rep I can take the option for them to call me back instead of my waiting.


when i left the states I ported my att number over to google voice for an one time 20 dollar fee.

now I can get calls and texts to my former use number on my phone using a prepaid claro sim. Been working fine for a year now. So all these two factor things are not an issue. The only one I've had problems with is getting a sms text from synchronicity to pay my amazon card. They have a voice call option that works fine though.


Google Fi and Google Voice delivers SMS into Hangouts via internet. At least, that's one of the options.
Thus, they are not really dependent on roaming mobile carrier.
If they work for you in the States then they will work for you in Argentina.

I personally have Google Fi. Initially ~4 years back there were some two-factor SMS not going through. Don't observe such problems nowadays.


Google Voice has a separate application now (different from Hangouts).
I've recently uninstalled the Google Voice app and just use Hangouts for my Google Voice number (ported my old cellphone number). Calls, text, and voicemail all work great there now. I was getting some bugs with the Google Voice app where calls would drop before ringing, and then it would ring forever until I killed the app.