Two questions


Dec 27, 2009
Hi everybody,

This is my first post here. I am planning to spend 3-4 months in Buenos Aires, starting in January. I have two questions:

1. How much money will I need to stay there for that long? I am assuming my costs, besides the plane ticket, will be limited to rent, food, going out and taking music lessons (my main goal of my staying there).

I won't be traveling much since I've already done my share of it there (already been to Argentina & Uruguay a few times, always as a tourist and for a few days/weeks).

2. What is the best way to find an affordable place to stay? How can I avoid being charged as a foreigner? (I speak perfect Spanish, but with a non-Argentinean accent).

How much should I expect to pay for, say, a single room in a shared apartment in a relatively good area of the city?

Thank you all!
1/ It all depends on how much you will spend on your education program. Without leisure activities, your minimum survival budget will be around 400 USD per month (food+accomodation) (1500 pesos). This is the average argentine wage. I spend the double for those two budgets, but i allow myself some luxury. My total spendings are around 1000 Euros/1500 USD/5500 pesos per month.

2/ A room will cost between 800 and 2000 pesos, which is between 200 and 500 USD. Type "room" in this site search engine to find links, this question, as you can easily guess, is fairly recurrent, so well documented. This site for example gives you a good idea of the price ranges : or there :

Over 500 USD, home sharing is not really worth, since you can rent a studio for that price.

Welcome in Buenos Aires.:)
Check out craigslist buenos aires for accomodations. Make sure that you rent a place that will have cooking facilities. Eating out can be expensive.