U.s. Citizen Apprehended For Crimes Committed In Ba


Excuse me @BAMama I am Celeste Calisi-Silverman, while I am involved in the matter on a certain level and certain capacity, I am not an accomplice to anything. I am a professional under contract. I defy you to show me any court document or other publication in which I am named. Now, we are back to the old theme of let's post anything we want without substantiation and fact, and libeling. So, BAMama, where did you find my name and why don't you disclose the source?
And you say you're a lawyer? You sure don't think (or write) like one.


is the good doctor still practicing medicine. i would like an appointment for the cream injection and the anal massage if possible. dont


None of your damn business. Who the F are you?
I am not sufficiently fluent in Spanish nor familiar with Argentine criminal court process to comprehend fully the court documents that have been posted. However, the name "Celeste" is indeed mentioned in the docs and I have to presume based upon explanations of the docs above that Brooker/Schwartz has been adjudicated guilty (by plea bargaining) and Celeste is, in fact, described as an accomplice or at the very least involved in some way with the circumstances leading up to the filing of the criminal proceedings. You now finally admit you are named Celeste and are, in fact, involved in the case(s) of Brooker/Schwartz.

After all your hysterical rants and threats of libel lawsuits, in which you curiously never disclosed you were involved in the case of this sexual predator/ MD charlatan, you now finally disclose you are involved in some undefined capacity. It seems to me that you are a very devious person. What are you hiding? Why don't you come clean and tell us exactly in what capacity you are involved? What fears cause you to answer that question with "None of your damn business. Who the F are you [to ask]" ? Could it be a fear of prosecution?

What did you expect when you admitted you were in involved in the proceedings against Brooker/Schwartz? Your silly posturing and psuedo indignancy with any and all remarks condemning the sexual predator/MD charlatan ring hollow. (I'm not a psychologist, but to me you sound clinically deranged.) Of course, you could cure all the insults hurled at you by simply disclosing exactly what role you have played (or continue to play) in the actions at the core of the criminal cases under discussion. Then we would all know whether, in fact, you are a criminal accomplice, an innocent bystander, a professional witness, a righteous defender of the innocent until proven guilty, or something else. Until you do that, you really should stop trying to brow beat others into laying off Brooker/Schwatz/Celeste/ and or you. In other words, take your meandering, obfuscating BS and shove it up your tuchas. (Oh my, have I just libeled you ?)
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None of your damn business. Who the F are you?
A curious response, to say the least.
You're certainly free to not engage in the conversation, but once you chose to do so - the question of your relation to this matter is most certainly pertinent.
Given the gusto with which you intervened, and the position you are taking, people are logically and properly asking "Who the ... are you"?

It's just not right. I am not Jack Brooker's wife, nor related in anyway to any of the involved or extraneous parties that are being damaged, I assure you of that. Just a friend of one who is sustaining some serious damages because his name is similar.
That was a few hours ago. Now it emerges that, as basically everyone suspected, you are a party to this matter. Whether a criminal party or not, people can only speculate. Which speculation you are certainly not dampening with your evasiveness.

P.S. Wrote this last night, now I see that julian63 beat me to the punch.


@nikad ..., if I were you I would beg off and just crawl back under the rock you came out from under before any of YOUR victims decide to hit you with a libel suit! ....
....All you do on this forum is stick your face in other peoples' stuff without knowing the facts, without affording the presumption of innocense, in any of the matters you have attacked and defamed people in, and tried them in this forum, which sadly only fans the flames of bias and hatred, which BTW also puts the forum in an interesting but admittedly arguable postion legally as well for allowing it.
..... I am his friend. I am also an attorney! I will leave it at that.
None of your damn business. Who the F are you?
Claims to be a lawyer. (I'll give odds on that one.) Delusional / clinical schizophrenia in my opinion.
Fond of threatening libel suit and also seeks to intimidate the admin into shutting down this thread exposing a convicted charlatan sex predator by suggesting it is involved in "admittedly arguable position legally ...for allowing it" (what a scholarly legal analysis!).
Utterly fails to disclose she was/is involved in the case during the course of a lengthy expiation defending a criminal and then obfuscates the exact nature of her participation in the matter.
Unless lawyer Liz makes full disclosure, adding to this thread is just feeding the troll (but at least fun in doing so).
Liz - I reiterate my prior advice; Stuff you BS up your sorry tuchas (or ask Jack Brooker/Len Schwartz to do it for a modest fee).

p.s. Why do I suspect that someone as devious as you might actually be an accomplice in the criminal actions which are the subject of this thread...and not as a legal representative;).
p.p.s. schizophrenia defined:
a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
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Could lizlaz24 and Celeste be aliases of Len Schwartz? In the fallo it refers to "celeste" and "la mujer" and that when she would interview patients she would claim that her mic and camera was broken so she always did consultas by text. Lizlaz24 has consultasmedicas1 listed as her skype contact in her baexpats profile. Celeste is always in quotes in the fallo because its a made up identity.

In previous posts lizlaz claimed to be a nurse, then later posted looking for an English speaking nurse because she had some issues she wanted checked out, then posted to rave about the services of Jack Brooker for short term rentals, also talking about tampons and gynecology in another thread.

Now in this thread claims to be a lawyer, then just a friend of someone with a similar name, then admits she's "Celeste".