U.s. Citizen Apprehended For Crimes Committed In Ba

Interesting. One of Guille Godoy's followers is Belen Elizabeth Lazarus aka LizLaz. Of course that name appears no where else on the internet. Probably another stolen photo too. Lizlaz apparently signed up in 2012 to baexpats and seemed fairly rational in all previous posts until the sex crimes of Len Schwartz gets brought up and then goes crazy...I wonder why?
This my friends is why you should avoid meeting people on the internet.... Although it can work there are too many nutjobs/wackos out there. At least make them get on skype and hold a spoon if you really want to meet them in real life. I'm interested in how the whole doctor/inspection fetish thing starts? I can't think of anything worse... Next you will tell me people have a fetish for getting their teeth played with by a dentist.
I know for sure 2 things. 1) This "doctor" is reading us periodically and 2) At least in Argentina, as long as you pay the right person, you can get away with anything, even have somebody steal mortal remains and ashes from the local cemetery. I know what I'm talking about.
....even have somebody steal mortal remains and ashes from the local cemetery. I know what I'm talking about.
What? Above and beyond the normal churn of bones from one part of Chacarita to another? I was horrified when I first found out what was "normal" in that cementario. Coming from a country where resting in peace generally means just that, it was a bit of a shock. (I'm photographing in Cementario Britanico, next door to Chacarita, this afternoon - such a difference.)
More proof that Lizlaz24 and JackBrooker could be the same person -

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Aug 7, 2014

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Oct 28, 2014


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Thank you Nikad for bringing this to everyone's attention, and standing up to this sick bully.
Funny, Lizlaz24 seems very quiet suddenly,I couldn't possibly guess why...

Good job community!!

Hopefully at least some future victims may have been avoided by increasing public awareness here.

These people.obviously play the expat forums to find a 'mark'.

This is just damage control for them so that they can keep trying.

Typical con artist techniques, though the 'win' for them seems to be sexual assault.

Well , that's how it looks to me anyway...

Peace and Love to you all (well to the ones who stood up,you know who you are)

On December 15, 2015 Mr. Leonard Brian Schwartz was convicted by the Tribunal Oral en lo Criminal Nro. 13 de la Capital Federal Docket CCC 19973/2012/TO1, for simple sexual abuse (2 cases) and impersonating a medical doctor. He was sentenced to four years of prison. This sentencing is added on to a prior conviction of two years entered on November 8, 2010, by the Tribunal Oral en lo Criminal nro. 21 de la Capital Federal under Docket 3545. They decided to unify the conviction to 5 years and six months of prison.

Mr. Schwartz appealed this decission. On November 27, 2017 the Camara Nacional de Casacion en lo Criminal y Correccional entered a ruling rejecting Mr. Schwartz appeal, but changing the clasification of the crimes. The Appeal Court confirmed the lower courts convicton to five years and six months.

This added to the conviction of 1 year by Tribunal Oral en lo Criminal Nro. 6 in the Docket 21640/2016 (plea bargain)... shows that this is a dangerous guy.

Now I'll explain why he wasn't deported. Mr. Schwartz filed for refugee status, god only knows on what basis. Apparently on April 20, 2009 he filed for refugee status. The international convention and argentine law provides that when refugee status is requested, a residency permit is given (precaria). The government denied the refugee status. But the law provides for the refugee status to continue until a final decision by the government or by a court becomes final and accepted by al parties (no more appeals). Mr. Schwartz is appealing the denial of refugee status under docket 023618/2015 before JUZGADO CONTENCIOSO ADMINISTRATIVO FEDERAL 3- SECRETARIA Nº 5. Public access is granted to this case via the official website: http://scw.pjn.gov.ar

The Argentine government answered the lawsuit (appeal) with all of Mr. Schwartz's background: requests for extradition, arrests in Argentina, claims from the States of New York and Virginia (USA)...

I'm an attorney and believe in the presumption of innocence... That said, the dockets talk for themselves: GUILTY! I only hope that he doesn't harm more people.

I rarely post in this forum, as I have very little time, but as said before by other people, this is a public service, for people to know that a very dangerous man is out there.