UFO's over Argentina


Feb 26, 2006
Now, as I am so frequently open to critisim here's a great one for my critics.
I posted this thread on the "Newcomer's forum as we really do need a forum to include "The wierd and unexplained" or "science and theology" etc, anyway,
It is a fact that Argentina has documented to have a vast amount of UFO activity crossing its skys. There has also been many many incidents of cattle mutilation (also know as bovine excision). Where ther has been the killing and mutilation of cattle under unusual or anomalous circumstances. Although cattle mutilation is not exclusive to cattle. (mutilaton has been found in horses, sheep, goats) There have been many investigations into this strange and unexplained phenomena around the world and there was even a US federal funded investigation into this enigma. In 1975, Colorado Governor Richard lamm said cattle mutilation was "one of the greatest outrages in the history of western cattle industry.".
The mutilation of cattle and other livestock is strange in that, incisions are made that are "surgically perfect". Incisions either draw no blood as cuts are cauterised by a method unknown to earth science. Many animals have had there blood totally drained without and major arteries or veins being interferred with.
Often animals are deprived of reproductive organs, digestive tract, brain, blood, eyes, jaw etc. (the middle graphic is just for effect)
Here are a couple of articles that refer to cattle mutilation in Argentina
DATE: 12.16.05
Four Argentine Frisian cows ("holando argentino") were found dead and mutilated some days ago at the "Los Hermanos" ranch in the vicinity of Vertiz, La Pampa.
The leaseholder, Gustavo Steib, stated that "...from one day to the next, cows that were about to give birth were found dead, missing their genitalia, the nipples of their udders and a patch of hide, whose circular incision was perfect."
Steib added that "...one of the cows had an incision in the medullar area of its neck and another incision in the carretilla," expressing his surprise at the precision of the incisions, which he classified as "clean and almost cauterized - it's like cutting and sealing at the same time to avoid hemorrages."
He further highlighted that "...the flesh takes two or three days to rot, but in this case it only took 12 hours," stressing the fact that he found that the color of the flesh turned to a dark greyish color, "almost leaden", following an incision.
It was also remarkable that despite the fact that flesh was removed from the animal for examination, the rest of the carcass was unmolested by carrion animals.El Diario de la Pampa May 24, 2003 Field researchers specializing in the subject of animal mutilations--Raul Chaves and Ester Urban, pointed out that "so far this year we have accounted for some 60 mutilations in La Pampa and Buenos Aires." They noted that "thanks to the fact that they already know us and know that we research the subject, cattle ranchers inform us when mutilated animals are discovered. We then obtain samples which we send to the University of Buenos Aires and document everything on videotape." They referred to the two most recent cases -- on May 16th and 17th, respectively -- between 45 and 30 kilometers away from Santa Rosa. The first of these took place in the "El Martin" ranch 45 km northwest of the Pampan capital and involved a year-old calf weighing 200 kgs. On the left side of its head, the absence of the outer ear was evident along with the entire inner ear, its eye, and an oval-shaped flap of skin, measuring some 30 cm. in diameter. The absence of vulva, edge of the anus, hyoides, larynx, pharynx and a segment of the trachea, as well as part of the upper muscular mass, was also noted. The entire animal found on May 17 was found on a rural property located 30 kilometers north of Santa Rosa. It was a 2 year-old calf weighing 250 kg. missing half of its tongue with a cauterized incision and missing the left ocular orb. The field researchers noted that in both cases samples were secured for subsequent study and analysis by professionals. They invite those interested in the subject to visit their website at <http://www.ciufos.com>http://www.ciufos.com where information collected on mutilated animals can be found. _____
La Pampa seems to a popular place for cattle muilation and Cordoba seems to be a hotbed of UFO activity.
I have seen and photographed many "UFO"s in Argentina over the past 6 years.
I have also had a couple of scary episodes out at my farm and it was witnessed by a very close friend who is the senior anaesthesiologist of a MAJOR university hospital here in prov de BsAs. He also has telephoned me at night to check out certain lights etc in the sky. He believes that there are certain UFO "flight paths" that run up and down Argentina.
So, where do any of my dear expat friends stand on this? and has anyone here ever seen a UFO either in Argentina or anywhere else?
I know an argentinian girl in salta who swears she and others saw one on the ground while driving on a dirt road in their province.
Personally, I think they were first identified as Illuminati and then integrated with the Masons. You just need to wear special glasses, the kind that remove institutional programming, to see them. The current President of the USA, for example.
Nice one Mitch!
Although, to be serious I have seen several UFO's in England. They simply couldn't have been anything else.
I haven't seen any here yet, but I'll keep an eye out.
Thank you for the replies, even Mits cynical reply. I think we will have to set up a UFO challenge for Mits in where we drag him out to la pampa for a few hours (actually you only need to come out to Pilar) to watch the sky.
I think also today with frequent use of digital technology in particular digital camera's we are recording images that were not being captured in the past by analogical technologial
Anybody that knows how tape works in contrast to capturing digital images will understand the advantages we now have of capturing images invisible to the naked eye. Analog film and tape is in fact only equal to the human. eye as the image is "spread" across the film stick. Digital images are made up millions of little dots of data and can give us visual information never available before to the general public. (notice I said that Mits)
It is for this reason that today more and more people are taking pictures with digital cameras, going home, looking at the holiday snaps and lo and behold discovering amazing images of UFO's that they were not aware of at the time the picture was taken.
So Mits, maybe I need to show you show pictures!
Its a shame we can not post pictures here on the thread (as I tried to do when I wrote it but failed) as I have some interesting pictures taken over my house in Provincia de Buenos Aires.
Maybe being in the city does not give one the chance to sit back under the open sky at night with a long drink and watch the many UFO's over Argentina.
Maybe I should organise a night watch party when I get home!
Buen Dia Auntie,A night watch party does sound like a good idea! Count me in. I also live in the Provencia de Buenos Aires (Ing. Maschwitz) and frequent the Delta (Tigre) where we have a summer (or really anytime) house. Perhaps I should watch the sky more often.The few times I have looked up I saw a few shooting stars! Usually I am too busy admiring the fire flies (lightening bugs). My answer was not meant to be cynical of your post. I believe anything is possible.Cheers - Brian
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