update on std test (trip report/translation request!)

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I posted on here a week ago about getting an STD test. Well, I did. I went to Hospital Alleman and it was extremely fast and easy. I went to two different doctors in and had some painful stuff done in the amount of time it normally takes me just to wait in the doctors waiting room.

All you have to do is go one section, get a ticket and pay to see a medico clinico. Then you wait till you see the number on the ticket is put on this board, and you go to the door that is on your ticket. Very self-explanatory once you are there. Then they sent me to a different wing of the hospital and repeated the process ( I had to pay more and go to a different line). I was told where to go so this was pretty easy. Then the deed was done and they told me the final results would be in a week from now. But I went today and they had everything...so maybe they've had it for awhile. I don't know.


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I would strongly recommend to keep personal medical information (especially of eh... delicate nature) out of public websites.
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