Update regarding last Thursdays dinner


Jun 20, 2006
Good afternoon everyone.

As some of you may have noticed, there was a logistical issue surrounding an appetizer at the meal on Thursday. As a means of showing our appreciation for your attendance and patience with the last dinner, we would like to offer another dinner in a couple of weeks at half price for anyone who attended on Thursday. Of course if you have any friends who would like to attend we would be happy for them to do so; however, persons who did not attend the meal this week would be asked to pay full price. I am expecting the price of this meal to be cheaper than the last one with a larger variety of choices available.

I am excited about this next meal and will provide the exact details sometime next week. I think this could be our best meal to date with a great open space, service, and food that can be really spicy upon request.
Dear Pericles,

although sadly I did not attend the dinner last thursday I would however like to make some comments.
$50 may sound like nothing to many, but when you are taking groups of at least 30 to a restaurant and as a pre-booked group this is an outragous price. At that price it should include at least half a bottle of wine per head plus excellent service.
I dont know who is negotiating the deals guys but at pesent you are getting a pretty raw deal.
At my last dinner the servings were small and the pudding never arrived. Thats fine, as I did not have the inclination to complain as I had not organised it, but darlings, if you give a restaurant a prebooked group of 40 and they not only charged $50 pesos without wine but also had a logistics problem with the entree, you guys not only need to be rethinking where you book, but need to start kicking some ass!

auntieapple,Would you like to organize the next dinner? :)
I really would, but not until september as I am going to London next week. But even before this post today I honestly thought about offering to organise some baexpats assados for you out here in Pilar. Obviously its nicer when the sun is here and also then we could sit around a camp fire when the moon comes out and sing songs and get drunk under the stars.
I would check out transport, probably a charted coach and for about the same price that you guys are being charged could probably include everything such as wine salads cheeses plus a lamb on a spit roasted by real gouchos.
so yes I promise to organise one or more in the the spring.
You may hold me to my word on that

Auntieapple what a great idea . When you organise this event I will come with a group of friends and we will bring many bottles of wine with us to enjoy your asado in the pampas