Uruguay : Colonia/Montevideo


Nov 18, 2009

I ve got to get out of the country for my visa renewal and I was wondering if you guys could give some advices about Uruguay!
Is it worthy to stay more than a day in Colonia?
Is Montevideo more interesting?
What's the ticket price difference (Bs As-Colonia/Bs As-Montevideo)
Where can I get the cheapest tickets?

Any other informations would be greatly welcomed too!

Colonia is closer - a one hour ferry crossing versus three hours to Montevideo. So, it is cheaper to go to Colonia.

The town's historic area is lovely but small - easily seen in an afternoon.
i'd totally recommend staying 2 nights in colonia - one down town and another in the country side. hire a bike and ride through the campo...it's spectacular. the nicest spot i've stayed in was La Casa de Los Limoneros, about 8km from the town. it's a b&b with great hosts, a five course dinner, a big farm and views to the river. downtown you can[t really go wrong. great restaurants and many little hotels/hostels.
Thanks a lot to all of you for your precious advices!
I think I ll opt for Colonia then!

I suppose it depends what you are after. There is not much to do in Colonia, but it is perfect place to relax for a weekend after hectic BA. It's quite an experience when on the main street cars stop to let you cross the road. It's a perfect small town to spend some time with sweetheart, sit on the beach, stroll the streets, sit in restaurants.

Montevideo naturally offers a bit more activities. I you rather wanna sit in irish pub with english-speakers during the nights rather than drinking vino de la casa with stray dogs, I would go for Montevideo. ;)
Colonia is really cute, but super touristy, many many souvenir shops etc. Very easy to get there and lots of restaurants/cafes, very nice port and malecon/boardwalk, but again, it's a tourist town and it has that feel. Montevideo feels a bit more authentic for some reason. It has some amazing architecture/buildings. I went on the ferry/bus with SeaCat and I think they were cheaper than Buque Bus at the time and their service was fast. Good luck!
Flores main street not far to walk from port..promos on food in the afternoon...bank
half way up this street right side theres a bank with atm with no charge....suerte amigo