US Electric Appliances and TV in Argentina


Mar 14, 2006
Hi my family will soon move to BA and we're shocked when we find out that electrity runs @220v instead of 110v, as that means that we'll have to sell most of our stuff. Can somebody help me to understand if using power converters 220-110 will work for must of the small items (stereo, lamps, etc; excluding the kitchen apliances) and specially to find out if my TV (from US) will work in Argentina. Thanks
There is a lot of good info about this in this same forum. Here is the title of the link.

Using adaptors on American appliances

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Eric : Thanks for your note. I did read the information in that note, however I still wonder if my US TV will work in BA. I know that 110-220 will be an issue and perhaps I can buy a very powerfull converter to make it work, however my main concern is regarding the system use in Argentina. As far as I have learned (and clearly not an expert!!), Argentina TV's used M/NTSC system while US uses N/PAL, and in some cases the TV won't be able to work (common case US-UK TV's) so I just want to know if it will work in case I decided to take it with us.
You lost me on that one. I'm an expert on turning the thing on and vegging out in front of it. If you want to know which righteous brother sang at Rebecca and Robin Colcourt's wedding on an old re-run of Cheers I'm your man. If you want to know what happens inside of the thing must seek elsewhere.....think Google is a useful link regarding all things voltage in Argentina.