Vanishing Starbucks


It'd be great if they placed a local coffee joint in that spot as they did next door, replacing McDonald's with Williamsburger. There are some really great small coffee shops around town serving far better coffee and snacks than Starbucks.
I am hoping for the opening of a Juan Valdez Cafe to replace Starbucks at this location.
7 June 2019
After several attempts, finally Juan Valdez Cafe arrives in ARG

.....Juan Valdez Cafe has 30% of the coffee market in Colombian stores where it competes with other local firms such as Tostao and Oma, as well as the international Starbucks.....


Haven't been to a Starbucks in ages. In the DC area, Dunkin' Donuts' coffee tastes better.
The last starbucks coffee I had was in 2005 in Ft Lauderdale, served by an employee who could only point to the tip jar. That coffee was paid for by one of my clients.

I agree, Dunkin Donuts coffee better and so is 7-11 coffee (obviously not available here). Better, cheaper and staffed by nicer employees.

I don't even use toilets in starbucks.


People love to hate Starbucks
I think it's just a matter of preference. For me, it just comes down's expensive and I don't like the taste. There are too many new, local coffee shops roasting their own beans and craftily making a cup that I'd rather add my money to their till and support small, local endeavors. Starbucks is huge, they're doing fine. I'm glad they're around to employ folks but other than that...I like the smaller operations, always have. No real hate...but not a whole lot of love for it, either.