Vietnamese Pho?


Any insights into where one might find a tasty bowl of Vietnamese Pho, noodle soup?


ElQueso said:
I may be a bit lost, but the only two Vietnamese restaurants I saw in your list were 1) the one I mentioned below and 2) one that is closed. Maybe I just didn't see the other one?

BTW ellbee - that's just the Guia Oleo. Could be there are more Vietnamese restaurants int he city that just aren't in the guide.
That's because they are label as South Asian. The other one in Palermo is Green Bamboo, and very good.


I would be interested to hear feedback on the pho being served here...I would be shocked if it was anything close to authentic and/or palatable considering you cannot even find good pho in Thailand let alone S.America.


Pho must go in the annals of food culture as one of the most tasty and beautiful dishes that Vietnam has given to the world . I grew up in Sydney Australia and worked for a few years in Cabramatta lovely called Vietnamatta by the locals . The food there was some of the most incredible vietnamese food this side of Saigon . And talk cheap with humungous servings for less than US$ 10.

Here in Buenos Aires its a very sad affair that Vietnamese food is so expensive and a poor imitation at best . One place I have visited was so bad that I was shocked that they were still open . They pride themselves on serving vietnamese food that is authentic and are in Gurruchaga Street Palermo Soho. I have been twice just to be fair and both times the food was way below average and very overpriced. I ordered the signature vitenamese dish of lemongrass chicken and it was 98 percent gluggy rice served with 20 grams of chicken and a cheap microwave sauce. To say i was flabbergasted would be an understatement and the price of this dish with service charge 44 pesos .

I have not tried any others except Green bamboo which is fair but not vietnamese in your wildest dreams.